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HolidayBreakz is a leading travel portal for flight search and online flight booking. We suggest all our website users, read the terms and conditions in detail before using any of the services including flight booking. You agree to be complied by these terms and conditions by accessing and using our website for any service or information. We advise you not to continue on our website in case you do not acknowledges all the terms and conditions without any discrepancy.  You are conceding the fact that HolidayBreakz.com also has the right to modify or change these terms anytime and for whatever reasons without giving any notice or warning. You are subjected to terms and conditions in force at the time you are using the website or using any service or purchasing. You must also read the terms and conditions along with privacy policy regarding any individual airline before booking flight tickets. We have noted all the terms and conditions for using the website as below, we recommend you read these terms with the utmost attention.

 The timeframe for refund against any cancellation done within the 24 hours of booking bracket is 48-72 hours. You must contact your bank and receive authorization code for getting an urgent refund

 If you have initiated the flight cancellation directly with the airline, you have to inform HolidayBreakz regarding it. We refund you an amount equal to the base fare after deducting the service fee and taxes.

 There is no guarantee about the airfares till the completion of the flight booking process. The prices are subjected to change without any prior notice.

 In any circumstances or due to technical error, the fare at which booking is done, not available anymore, HolidayBreakz will give you substitute options. It is completely your prerogative to accept the new option at the presently available option or cancel your booking without any extra charge.

 Once the booking is done and the payment process is completed, the flight ticket will be emailed to you within 4 hours of full payment realization.

 We will inform you through email or phone in case of any payment declaration due to insufficient funds or any credit card issues.  It is completely the customer’s obligation to talk with the bank or credit card company and resolve the problem for the clearance of the ticket.

 Extra charges may be levied due to the usage of multiple cards for flight booking.

 The customers are not permitted to make any name changes after booking done. You must report to HolidayBreakz for any error in the booking or tickets on the same day of ticket issuance.

 There is a penalty or fine imposed by the airlines in case of flight cancellation or changes. At the same time, even some nonrefundable tickets can be reused as per the guidelines by the airline. The entire ticket amount in case of no show or partially used tickets are charged by the airlines and there is no refund

 There is a variation in refund process time between airlines. Normally it takes 10-12 weeks for the refund amount to be shown in customer’s bank account.

 The refund amount is only processed towards the original form of payment.

 The normal validity period of the flight ticket is one year from the issuance date.  However, due to various airfare restrictions, the validity may not be possible in some scenarios. You shall talk with the airlines directly to know more regarding this.

 The term Domestic means any flight within the fifty states of the USA and International means all the flights apart from domestic. The advisable check-in time is 2 hours for domestic flights and 3 hours for international prior to departure time. You must confirm the seat or other special services directly with airlines not less than 3 days before departure.

 Infant fare is applicable for the traveler who is less than 24 months of age at the time of travel or child fare will be applied.

 You are advised to contact our support center before making any reservation for unaccompanied minors as the unaccompanied policy varies between airlines.

 If the flight is run by a codeshare partner, you must make sure that you appear at the right airline counter.

 It is solely your responsibility to ensure that all the details furnished on your travel documents are correct and without error. In case of any inconsistency, you should bring it our notice instantaneously.

• HolidayBreakz does not provide visas for any country. Please arrange your visa before the departure date as per your travel itinerary. You can get more details about visas from the airlines or visa consulate of the country.

 HolidayBreakz is only a flight booking platform and do not take any liability for flight cancelation, rescheduling, or delays by the airline for different reasons.  For customers who have used our platform for booking, we will try to help you with new arrangements until you have checked-in with the airline. You shall work directly with the airline for any support after check-in. There may be charges implied for any modification or changes in the flight ticket, which you need to pay directly to the airline at the time of making the request.

Cancel and Exchange

 we offer mostly non-refundable flight tickets on our website with different airlines. However, some airlines offer refundable tickets and you get refunds against any cancelation. You can use the credit amount for future travel with the same airline within the valid date. For additional information, you must contact the specific airline.

 Flight tickets for which cancellation is allowed; you must place the cancellation request with our customer service center before the flight departure. However, we do not provide any guarantee of booking cancellation and refund.

 If you want to book tickets by redeeming your airline credit, you shall pay the fare differences if any, penalty and booking fee by HolidayBreakz. These are governed by the airfare rules and policies of the respective airline and we do not have any control over it.

 HolidayBreakz is a flight-booking platform and we do not offer any other representations for the fee we charge. Though our agents provide support and guidance for searching and booking flights on our website to the customers on the basis of availability etc.

Cancel and Refund

You must place a flight cancelation request within 24 hours of booking to get a refund in most cases.  If you have not taken the flight and inform our agents about the flight cancellation, you can get a trip protection refund within 10 days purchase. You can process your cancellation request to our agents only through the phone. We like to acknowledge the cancellation and initiate refund plea if you meet the subsequent conditions

 The airline permits the cancellation and refund request put through by you with that specific airline.

 ‘No show’ is marked against your reservation and refund is permitted by airline against 'No Show' cases

 If the cases wherever we have protected waivers from the airline to begin your request for cancellation and refund

 We do not guarantee any timeline for clearing your cancellation and refund application and all requests are handled on serial wise. We will send an email accepting your cancellation appeal after you place your request with our support executive with a reference for future correspondence. By no means this authorizes you to get the refund automatically. We will then take your request to the concerned airline to start the refund process as per the rules and regulations of the supplier.

 It should be noted that the service fee is non-refundable which we take at the time original flight booking.

 It is completely the prerogative of travel suppliers to process the refund and it may take 60-90 days to finish the process from the date of cancellation request. Once the refund process is completed, it may take some more time to show the fund on your bank statement.

 The supplier or airline may levy a penalty against your refund request. Apart from it, we may also take a service fee as applicable. And the fee or charges will be as per ticket booked and per passenger.

 We shall reimburse the service fee if the travel supplier does not accept the refund request and process it further. However, the booking fee at the time flight booking is non-refundable.

Flight changes that are already booked

Any changes done to the existing booking or travel itinerary are regulated by the airfare rules of that specific airline. After the flight booking is done, most airlines do not permit any changes in the name of passengers or dates of travel. We do not provide any undertaking or are not responsible anyway for flight bookings where the initial booking details are changed by the supplier on the appeal of passenger or due to scheduled changes from supplier end only.

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Credit Card Fraud Prevention :- To avoid the fraud transactions, passengers are required to fill up an authorization form to verify their payment information for certain transactions. You have to send this form to us with the copy (front and back) of your government approved photo ID. You can also send the picture of your credit card (be sure to hide first twelve digits on the card) to our customer support email address which is booking@holidaybreakz.com We generally ask for aforementioned documents in case: if credit card holder is not the passenger and it is third party transaction, if you want to travel to a destination for which we have had fraud transactions more than three in the past, if the departure date is within coming 30 days of if the card used is billed outside the USA.

The "Phone Deal" is an Economy/Business/First class fare which is based on certain conditions of travel. The travel conditions include weekday travel; minimum and maximum stay and are for specific travel period. There are other restrictions which may apply and our sales representative will assist you to know them. This fare is subject to availability of seats and class of service and considering all the conditions of travel. This fare is non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable. The fare and its governing rules are subject to change without any prior notice. The baggage fee imposed by the airline is not included in secret deal fare.

Disclaimer Subject to limitation and extent permitted by law, Holidaybreakz will be liable for direct damages only incurred by the user due to shortcomings of our services further to be decided by both parties. Holidaybreakz is merely an agent (not are seller) bridging the gap between people who are willing to travel and travel service providers. Holidaybreakz does not own or manage any of the travel services listed on the website, neither is it associated with any such travel service provider. Acting as a mediator, Holidaybreakz holds no responsibility for services not executed by the third-party vendor and does not endorse or insure services being rendered by service providers or reimburse in case of loss. Complaints or any claim with respect to the services, cost, special requests, are to be directly taken with the service provider. Holidaybreakz disclaims liabilities with respect to reimbursements and com plaints by the customer.

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