We welcome all our guest passengers to our Customer Support section. We have tried to answer all the questions you may have to make your visit to our site pleasant and hassle free. We hope you have found the answers you were looking for. If you still have questions, you can always give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

The flight booking process on our website is very simple and fats. You need to visit our website from any system and provide all the information to find the list of available flights matching your requirements. Then you need to select the preferred flight option and provide passenger details. After that, you can pay online for completing the flight-booking process. If you face any issue at the time of booking, you can get instant support by dialing our 24 hours available customer support number

You are not permitted to make any change to the passenger name. Therefore you should verify all the details submitted before completing the booking. It is exclusively your responsibility to make sure that all the details presented are accurate. You should talk with our travel agent to ensure there is no discrepancy.

E-ticket is much more secure and effective in comparison to traditional tickets. At the time of booking on Holiday breakz, you can choose the e-ticket option.

At the time of booking, you will find option for requesting an in-flight meal directly to the airlines. You should note that most airlines charges do not provide free meal and charge extra with tickets. It is advisable to put any request for a special meal before a minimum 24 hours of scheduled departure. It is completely prerogative of the airlines to accept any request regarding special meals and there is no guarantee.

Yes, you can call our toll-free support number and talk with our support executive for a flight ticket booking over the phone.

The airfares get revised dynamically every minute depending upon the demand and supply. It is possible that during the whole process of flight search and payment by you or agent, a particular inventory sold out. Therefore the price may increase for a particular flight ticket as offered by the airline. As your trusted travel partner, we monitor and try our best to make sure that you can book the flight ticket at the current price only.

All airfares displayed or shown are inclusive of all taxes related to the ticket price. This is according to the new Airline Passenger Protection Rules of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

There are different payment options available on our website to select from. You can make the payment through Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, American Express Card, etc.

Are there any extra charges for doing changes to the flight ticket?

You may be imposed with a penalty or fee for making changes to the flight ticket. These may include the following types

 Service fee by the for doing the changes instantly

 Extra fare to create a new ticket including the higher cost

 Some airlines do not permit to make any changes even you pay the penalty

• How I can confirm the flight reservation and flight status?

• You can call the airline directly to confirm the flight reservation 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. You can reconfirm the flight schedule or status with the airline by dialing the customer support center.

• Is it possible to add a new passenger to the existing ticket?

• No, you cannot add new passengers to an existing flight booking. You are supposed to a new reservation with the airline and the airline doesn’t provide any guarantee of seat availability and the same fare.

• What are the age of a child and an infant for booking

• The age of an infant is generally from 0-2 years and the age of the child is from 2years to 11 years. It should be noted that an infant is not allocated any seat in the airline.

• How many types of trips available for booking

• You can book flight tickets for the following types of trips

 One-way trip - Flying to the destination airport

 Round trip- Flying to and fro between two destinations

 Multiple destinations- Several flights between different destinations

Documents required for flight booking or to receive a ticket from counter or airport

The documents required for booking may change subject to the airline, destination, etc. You must contact the airline to get all the necessary information regarding documents required for a particular flight booking.

You are required to show official identity cards like Passport along with printed booking confirmation to receive a ticket from counter or airport is not responsible in any way for insufficient documents from your side.

You can book flight tickets in Economy, Business and First class on our website for different airlines

There are mainly three different flight options, you can select for booking

Nonstop flight: There is no stop or halt between from source to the final destination

Stopover or technical halt flight: In this case, there is a single and multiple halts in your journey without changing flights

Connecting flights: In this kind of journey, you need to board down from the plane and board to another plane. There may multiple landing departures to reach the final destination

It completely depends upon the airline and type of flight you select for boarding. If there is any fee, it may depend upon the type of seat you select.

No, it is not possible to transfer the ticket to another person. However, you can cancel the existing ticket and book another ticket in that person’s name.

You need to furnish Government issued identity card and boarding pass for domestic travel. A passport is mandatory for any international journey.

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Credit Card Fraud Prevention :- To avoid the fraud transactions, passengers are required to fill up an authorization form to verify their payment information for certain transactions. You have to send this form to us with the copy (front and back) of your government approved photo ID. You can also send the picture of your credit card (be sure to hide first twelve digits on the card) to our customer support email address which is We generally ask for aforementioned documents in case: if credit card holder is not the passenger and it is third party transaction, if you want to travel to a destination for which we have had fraud transactions more than three in the past, if the departure date is within coming 30 days of if the card used is billed outside the USA.

The "Phone Deal" is an Economy/Business/First class fare which is based on certain conditions of travel. The travel conditions include weekday travel; minimum and maximum stay and are for specific travel period. There are other restrictions which may apply and our sales representative will assist you to know them. This fare is subject to availability of seats and class of service and considering all the conditions of travel. This fare is non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable. The fare and its governing rules are subject to change without any prior notice. The baggage fee imposed by the airline is not included in secret deal fare.

Disclaimer Subject to limitation and extent permitted by law, Holidaybreakz will be liable for direct damages only incurred by the user due to shortcomings of our services further to be decided by both parties. Holidaybreakz is merely an agent (not are seller) bridging the gap between people who are willing to travel and travel service providers. Holidaybreakz does not own or manage any of the travel services listed on the website, neither is it associated with any such travel service provider. Acting as a mediator, Holidaybreakz holds no responsibility for services not executed by the third-party vendor and does not endorse or insure services being rendered by service providers or reimburse in case of loss. Complaints or any claim with respect to the services, cost, special requests, are to be directly taken with the service provider. Holidaybreakz disclaims liabilities with respect to reimbursements and com plaints by the customer.

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